Saturday, June 15, 2013

How to get a lot of flickr comments in a short time?!

Collared Bush-Robin (female)

I post a lot of pictures on flickr. Flickr can help you to get followers very easlily!

You just have to post your pictures in flickr groups to get noticed!

I do a lot of bird photography, but the groups I am going to list are are not nature specific!

You can add any kind of picture!

Most of the group have follow-up groups; if you got enough comments you can proceed to the next level!
Sometimes I get 400-500 comments in 2 days!

So, I will post some of my favorite groups! There are a lot of flickr groups, but those groups work best for me!

The Look and follow-up groups

Red Level 1 and follow-up groups 

Photography for Recreation and follow-up groups

The Galaxy

Remember that moment and follow-up groups

Super Six and follow-up groups

Music to my eyes and follow-up groups

My gear and me  and follow-up groups

Nice as it gets and follow-up groups

Beautiful earth  and follow-up groups

Have fun

and visit me @ FLICKR

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